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Manners Maketh Man serves as a blog and website for those with an appreciation for fashion, travel and lifestyle.

The project was created by Rav Rayet and Richie Keegan, two individuals working as a collective with the intention to inspire and influence through their photography and sartorial preferences. The Manners Maketh Man team consists of several unique yet like-minded people, all of whom share the same passion and motivation as the duo that founded it.


Fancy a fika? Where better to enjoy the Swedish coffee and pastry tradition than Stockholm based bakery chain, Fabrique.

Founded by David and Charlotta Zetterstrom in 2007, the bakery promotes simple cooking methods using fresh, natural ingredients to produce their signature artisanal sourdough bread, which is then hand-baked in a traditional oven. Fabrique now has several bakeries located throughout central Stockholm and three more recently opened in London.

Most of the bakeries have a café attached that is decorated with clean white tiles, quirky lighting and vintage wooden furniture; inspired by traditional Swedish interior design. The staff make you feel comfortable and are entrusted with baking fresh bread and pastries onsite everyday.

The Manners team recently visited Fabrique and enjoyed a delicious brew with a ‘kanelbulle’ (cinnamon bun) in true fika fashion.