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Manners Maketh Man serves as a blog and website for those with an appreciation for fashion, travel and lifestyle.

The project was created by Rav Rayet and Richie Keegan, two individuals working as a collective with the intention to inspire and influence through their photography and sartorial preferences. The Manners Maketh Man team consists of several unique yet like-minded people, all of whom share the same passion and motivation as the duo that founded it.


There's always a buzz around London during fashion week with buyers, bloggers and critics trying to get their hands on tickets to view the latest collections in hope of finding the next big thing. Nobody wants to miss out, and neither did we.

We managed to get up close and personal with a few interesting newcomers such as J. JS LEE, Omer Asim, Steven Tai and Huishan Zang, some of which have already worked with the likes of Dior, Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney. We capped off our week by attending a show put on by the more established London-based fashion label, KTZ.